Tongue twisters help improve your diction and spelling by noticing the difference in the spelling of similar-sounding words. It also teaches you to speak faster. There are punches of Arabic tricky sayings in each dialect that they help for this purpose. Here are some of them in standard Arabic.

خيط حرير على حيط خليل

A silk thread on Khalil’s wall

طبخنا في مطبخكم طبختنا

We cooked in your kitchen our food

جدار دارنا أكبر من جدار دار جارنا

The wall of our house is bigger than the wall of our neighbor’s house

شمس تمشي والشمس مشمسة

Shams is walking and the sun is sunny

فراش فراس مفروش

Firas mattress is furnished

خميس الخباز خبز خمس خبزات

Khamis, the baker, baked five pieces of bread

مفتاحي مع مفتاح عبد الفتاح ومفتاح عبد الفتاح مع مفتاحي ومفتاحي فتح ومفتاح عبد الفتاح ما فتح

My key with Abdel-Fattah’s key, and Abdel-Fattah’s key with my key, and my key opened (the door) and Abdel-Fattah’s key didn’t open (it).

صفحة سبعة صعبة

Page seven is difficult

خط تبوك طويل

Tabuk line is long

يا زين شمس الشتاء

How winter’s sun is good!

نادين نادي ندى

Oh, Nadine call Nada!

رسمنا بالمرسم برسيم ومسمار

We drew in the studio clover and a nail

شعبان شبعان

Shaban is full

شـاب شيب شعر رأسه

A young man went gray his hair

مالكم تكأكأتم كتكأكئكم البارحة؟

What’s wrong with you, you recoiled as you did yesterday?

قدر مرقة بقرتنا أثقل من قدر مرقة بقرتكم

Our cow broth pot is heavier than your cow broth pot

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