Who I am?

My name is Amani Abduh. I am originally from Syria, so Arabic is my native language, and Syria is the country where I studied, graduated from Damascus University in 2007 with a BA in Arabic language and literature, and got my teaching certificate. Since that time, I have been teaching Arabic, so I have + 14 Years of Arabic teaching experience. I have taught Arabic in several countries (Syria, Jordan, and the USA) and worked with different levels of native and non-native speakers within online classes and on the ground.

Expand your horizon and indulge by learning the Arabic language. It opens your prospect to a new world with a rich culture!

15YTeaching Experience
100+Five Stars Reviews
300+Happy Students
6KHours of Online Teaching

What services do I provide?

I provide Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic dialects lessons for all ages and levels of native and non-native speakers.
I create a personalized learning plan, based on the student’s goals and pace.
I also provide other services like Islamic studies lessons and Arabic proofreading.
I also create Arabic materials for children and adult learners that make learning Arabic fun, easy, and enjoyable. I also make workshops to teach Arabic arts such as Arabic calligraphy and Islamic geometric ornament, and creativity workshops such as writing stories, reading folk tales, and playing Arabic plays.

What is my teaching strategy?

I enjoy working with students and helping them progress in Arabic and reach their desired level quickly and smoothly. Throughout my journey from Syria to Jordan, then to the USA, I have got my experience in teaching Arabic by working with diverse students and different levels of native and non-native speakers within online classes and on the ground.
My strategy is to understand each student’s learning style and create a specific teaching plan for every student. I like to innovate methods to engage learners, such as flashcards, children’s books, songs, stories, articles, educational games, etc.

How do I develop my teaching method?

In the USA, where I live now, I have developed my teaching method. So, I have attending conferences for bilingual instructors and foreign language teachers in the USA, such as ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), Startalk, and SCATC (Southern California Arabic Teachers Council). In the last few years, I have developed my online teaching skills to become an expert in teaching Arabic online.

How about the Arabic proofreading service?

For publishing companies, academics, students, professionals, authors, and individuals, I provide editing and proofreading service for Arabic texts. I have experience in this field since I have worked with many writers and several publishing companies in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and the USA, so I am an expert in this field and pay attention to detail.

Do I have any published works?

My second passion is writing. I was also so young when I wrote my first poem. In 2010, I published my first Arabic poetry book in Syria, titled A Green Autumn خريف أخضر. Then in Jordan, where I lived for about four years, I published my second book, Expatriate words مفردات مغتربة, in 2015.
Additionally, I write children’s stories and poetry. Some of my works for children got published in Arabic magazines, such as Rainbow Magazine.

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