Establishment and Genesis

Lingo Dice Academy was founded in 2021 to meet the growing demand for Arabic language education among non-native speakers from diverse cultural backgrounds. Recognizing the lack of resources and traditional teaching methods for non-native Arabic learners, the Academy committed to providing diverse curriculum resources and innovative teaching techniques utilizing modern technology. The goal is to create an engaging learning environment that allows learners to acquire Arabic language skills and deepen their understanding of Arab culture. In 2022, the Academy began developing various educational programs, starting with its first online program to teach Arabic to children and adolescents in spring 2022.


We strive to create a dynamic learning environment, both online and in-person, where individuals from around the globe can enhance their Arabic language skills and deepen their cultural understanding. By offering comprehensive courses, we aim to make learning Arabic accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Utilizing the latest technology and interactive teaching methods, we help students master the language and appreciate diverse cultures. Our ultimate goal is to empower students to communicate confidently in Arabic and engage meaningfully with various cultures worldwide.


Lingo Dice Academy aims to provide educational services in person and online to enable learners from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to study the Arabic language and its culture freely, without limitations. The academy seeks to foster a dynamic and innovative educational environment to help students achieve their educational and cultural goals with confidence and effectiveness.

How we work

At our academy, we provide personalized and interactive learning experiences tailored to each student’s unique needs and goals. We start by assessing their proficiency level and learning style to place them in the appropriate class or create a customized curriculum. Our teaching methods incorporate multimedia resources, interactive exercises, and real-life scenarios to engage students and enhance their Arabic learning experience. We offer regular feedback and progress assessments to ensure continuous improvement. Additionally, our flexible scheduling options accommodate our students’ busy lifestyles. In our supportive learning environment, we empower students to achieve their language learning objectives effectively and efficiently.

Expand your horizon and indulge by learning the Arabic language. It opens your prospect to a new world with a rich culture!

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