Arabic for Youth A2 | Advanced mid 

  • 2 Months
  • 45-Minutes Zoom sessions
  • 3 Sessions a week
  • 180$/Month
  • Advanced Mid Level
  • Time: Pending

Units include: Arabs celebrations,  illnesses and medical issues, healthy and unhealthy habits, city and urban life, present tense verb conjugation, imperative tense verb conjugation, and agreements with adjectives and the described nouns.

Prerequisite: Arabic for Youth I1 Advanced Low (or equivalent)

At the end of this course the learners should be able to:

  • Talk about holidays and celebrations on the Arabic calendar such as Ramadan, Haj, and Eid.
  • Talk about healthy and unhealthy habits and food.
  • Describe city life vs urban life.
  • Conjugate present, and imperative tense verbs.
  • Apply correctly agreements with adjectives and the described nouns