Arabic for Kids I3 | Intermediate High (homeschools)

  • 2 Months
  • 45-Minutes Zoom sessions
  • 3 Sessions a week
  • 180$/Month
  • Intermediate High Level
  • Time: Pending

Units include: booking a flight, jobs and professions, Arabic countries, hobbies and activities, time management, Arabic folk tales, dual and plural, past tense verb conjugation, present tense verb conjugation, imperative tense verb conjugation, and negation sentence.

Prerequisite: Arabic for Kids I1 Intermediate Mid (or equivalent)

At the end of this course the learners should be able to:

  • Identify and recite Kalilah wa Dimnah and Arabian nights stories, which are two of the most popular series of Arabic folk tales.
  • Recognize people’s jobs and talk about their family members’ jobs.
  • Book a flight and make a conversation in the airport.
  • Describe how they spend their school day, off day, and free time.
  • List some basic information about Arabic countries.
  • Use nouns and verbs in singular, dual, and plural forms.
  • Conjugate past, present, and imperative tense verbs.
  • Negate sentences in past, present, and future.