Arabic for Kids I2 | Intermediate Mid 

  • 3 months
  • 45-minutes group sessions
  • 2 sessions a week
  • 160$/month
  • Next term: Sep 2022

Units include: describing places and buildings, vacation, sports, activities, weekends and weekdays, adjectives, animals, computer, feelings and emotions, holidays on Arabic calendar, Arabic folk tales, writing a letter, Arabic syntax, masculine and feminine, and definite and indefinite nouns.

Prerequisite: Arabic for Kids I1 Intermediate Low (or equivalent)

At the end of this course the learner should be able to:

  • Identify and recite Kalilah wa Dimnah and Juha’s stories, which are two of the popular series of Arabic folk tales.
  • Talk about daily life activities like traveling, shopping, and sport exercises.
  • Write a letter.
  • Discuss animals’ features and behaviors.
  • Describe a school day using present tense and different adjectives.
  • Know how to describe the school utensils and how to use them in different basic contexts.
  • Talk about holidays on the Arabic calendar such as Ramadan and Eid.