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Lingo Dice Academy is an educational institution that provides most of its educational services via the Internet and is concerned with teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers, deepening understanding of Arab culture, and developing the language skills of those interested. The academy aims to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable educational experience that facilitates progress in learning the Arabic language by employing modern technologies in education and various educational resources.
Lingo Dice Academy was established in 2022 as a response to the increasing demand for learning the Arabic language for non-native speakers, who belong to diverse cultural backgrounds. Noting the insufficiency of resources and programs allocated to teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and the adoption of traditional methods in teaching the Arabic language, the Academy pledged to provide diverse resources for the curricula it adopts to support learners in their journey to learn the Arabic language, and to teach it with innovative and effective methods that employ technological developments and modern techniques to create a dynamic and attractive learning environment that enables learners to acquire Arabic language skills and deepen their understanding of Arab culture in smooth and enjoyable ways.
In 2023, the Academy began to take shape, providing the basis for the creation of various educational programs. Indeed, it launched its first program to teach the Arabic language to children and adolescents via the Internet in the spring of 2023.

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By providing its educational services in person and via the Internet, Lingo Dice Academy seeks to enable individuals from different parts of the world, regardless of their backgrounds and nationalities, to learn the Arabic language and learn about its culture without restrictions or boundaries, and to provide a stimulating and innovative educational environment that helps them achieve their educational and cultural goals with confidence and effectiveness.


Our vision is to foster a dynamic learning environment both online and in-person, where learners worldwide can readily enhance their Arabic language skills and cultural appreciation. Through our comprehensive online classes and in-person teaching services, we endeavor to make learning Arabic accessible and enjoyable for learners of all backgrounds and abilities. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and interactive teaching methodologies, we aim to facilitate seamless language acquisition and cross-cultural understanding. Our ultimate goal is to empower students to communicate confidently in Arabic and engage meaningfully with diverse cultures across the globe.

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