Why should you learn Arabic with us?

Our vision is to foster a dynamic learning environment both online and in-person, where learners worldwide can readily enhance their Arabic language skills and cultural appreciation. Through our comprehensive online classes and in-person teaching services, we endeavor to make learning Arabic accessible and enjoyable for learners of all backgrounds and abilities. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and interactive teaching methodologies, we aim to facilitate seamless language acquisition and cross-cultural understanding. Our ultimate goal is to empower students to communicate confidently in Arabic and engage meaningfully with diverse cultures across the globe.

By providing its educational services in person and via the Internet, Lingo Dice Academy seeks to enable individuals from different parts of the world, regardless of their backgrounds and nationalities, to learn the Arabic language and learn about its culture without restrictions or boundaries, and to provide a stimulating and innovative educational environment that helps them achieve their educational and cultural goals with confidence and effectiveness.

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We provide a fast and effective system of learning Arabic. Our students can make progress up to three times faster than at other language schools, thanks to the direct methods which we involve in the learning process. We ensure that the students receive all the guidance to meet the practical needs of the language environment. All students who register for our classes receive a free placement test to ensure they are assigned to the most appropriate class based on a detailed pre-course needs analysis and language assessment. Students’ achievements and progress are carefully monitored as the direct methods facilitate the process of regular assessment. We offer our students self-study online resources to have trouble-free access to extra practice at their convenience. Exercises include sound and pronunciation, listening comprehension, grammar tags, and an online dictionary.

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What Students Say about me


Amani is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. I’m the kind of student who asks a ton of questions in order to understand, and Amani was happy to answer them and tweak her lessons to fit my learning style. I’m working in Palestine now and everyone has remarked how much my Arabic has improved.


Amani has been a wonderful instructor. She is patient, creative, and continually pushes my Arabic language skills. I have struggled with trying to learn Arabic over the years with little success but with Amani’s help I am finally able progress towards my goal of fluency in Arabic.


My two boys have been working with Amani for a few months and Alhamdullilah they are doing great! She keeps it interesting for them so they don’t mind doing class, which is a first. Not only does she teach and review surahs, she discusses the meaning with them. And this is the part that I think most Islamic schools neglect. Im so thankful I found her! If your children are in need of Quran classes I would definitely recommend Amani.


What I love about working with Amani is that she takes the time to understand my goals and my needs and my learning style and just like magic she tailors her teaching style to match my way of thinking and comprehending, which makes my studies more enjoyable and understood. After each lesson I find myself looking forward to the next session.


She was extremely patient and helpful. And kept encouraging me to get better and keep working. I would definitely recommend her to any student wanting to read, write, or speak the Arabic language.


Amani is an excellent teacher! Especially for kids!

We shared what we would like to focus on and she got us the right start!

My son loved it! I really can’t wait for the next class.



Amani is a very good instructor. She took the time to understand my needs and tailored her lesson plan for me. Shukran Amani.

This Teacher Is THE BEST, Bar None. A Fabulous Teacher And Inspiring Role Model. Amani began working with my daughter when my daughter was in 5th grade. Not only has my daughter learned a tremendous amount, but she has had a wonderful time learning with Amani. The lessons are engaging and creative. In my opinion, this is the best teacher available.

Wonderful experience with Amani. Very knowledgeable and helpful.


Wonderful experience with Amani. Very knowledgeable and helpful.


Amani is a wonderful teacher. Kids LOVE her!


Outstanding tutor! I am learning more and faster than I anticipated. Highly recommend…


Amani is a talented teacher, she taught me sometimes, but usually I used to refer my students to her when they look for more literary Arabic, poets or more understanding to how the language was developed.
In general, Amani can always do the assessment for the students, design the classes the way fits them and conduct & assist students.


Amani is very very good! She is very patient with me and understands my learning style. She uses colors to help me learn Arabic and I think she is amazing!

Hannah (1)

Amani taught me Arabic whilst I was living in Jordan. She was very thorough and very flexible – using the approach that suited me – I was really keen to have things to listen to in between sessions so we found Arabic music together that I liked and translated it and she gave me the link to an Arabic radio show. This was on top of the more formal studying we did in the lessons.

Hannah (2)

Another thing that made Amani a great teacher is that she is lovely and very funny and I just enjoyed spending time with her – which made it feel less like studying and more like just having a good conversation with a friend. I would recommend her to anyone!